April 5, 2010

ok,this is my first time blogging..weee*_*
actually im not the type who loves to express my feeling..=_=
n becoz of that,i think i shud hv a blog!..so that people will know what im actually feel.

ok,for start,
im a full tyme student,.doing dentistry in mahsa university college..
being a student sumtimes quite borink as my life is just about study,study,study!
but after all,its not that borink.,i've my sweetest frens that give colors to my life journey..hoho..

im enjoying music and my feveret music all tyme is COLDPlAY.
their music is pure and i love the way chris martin sing..
n plus,their lyrics is soo meaningful!

i think enough for a start..xoxo..
c ya!

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