May 9, 2011

Day of sorrowful

i feel bad for two main reasons today.
1) my patient.
2) Prof T's patient.

1) today i did filling on 12.since the start everything seems like something is wrong.first about the rubber partner advised me to do multiple isolation so that i can do filling on other teeth as well.but then, Dr lashmi did not allow me to do multiple isolation.she said only one cavity prep for today. oke,fine. im okay bout that.actually i did not think bout doing multiple cavity prep for today. but my partner insist me,and i know its for my own benefit too.

if i can put choc instead of those stupid filling material. hey,its CHOC oke!*google pic*

then,when it comes to put the clamp, oh my gucci! before this im okay with the rubber dam, not that saying im good in putting the stupid rubber dam,but,phewwww! just to make my life more colorful i think.

my partner suggests me to put clamp on 13 as he said it will disturb my working tooth if i put on 12 itself. we try like for 1 hour just to put the clamp. and finally with the help of Dr lashmi, i put clamp on 12 itself. =_=

then the cavity access, caries free, and cavity prep was okay.

composite made my day. it was a 'tak jadi' composite 'tak jadi'. i lost the morphology. great!

REDO next visit.T.T

the second reason.

we have demonstration on extraction but with real patient.before this we just do it on phantom head in the simulation clinic.

it was Prof T...again..

for me,patient should not extract the tooth. oh, come on la,he's only 24, and you want him to wear 1 denture only??

yes, the tooth is carious, but at least, you should take an x ray first.see whether the caries hit the pulp or not. the tooth looks like a sound tooth with a small black spot on the mesial side. i know the inside is like batu cave.hehe..

but hey!!there's no complaint of pain,so you can refer him to Endo department.argggh!it makes me sick when i think bout it.

then the way Prof T did the extraction is very harsh.! actually he's struggling  oke to extract that tooth. you tell me,its 14 of 24 year old male with no perio prob!of course it will be hard man!.he finally like give up already after trying some time and he wants to do MOS.

hehe..looks like Prof T struggling.muahahaha.*google pic*

oh man!poor boy! i keep on asking that guy whether he feel any pain or not. he said no pain. i dont know la whether he wants to control macho or what.hahahahahahahahaha~

till now,i still cant accept Prof T decision to remove that tooth. still cant~

oh,there should be 1 more.

there's no water when i reached hostel after   a day of 'sorrow' in college.

what the heck man~

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