June 27, 2011

u made my day, gigi.

yay i did it today!

my first two extraction.weeee.

although i'm not doing it all by myself,but at least i managed to do it.muahaha.

thankss to Dr.Basim for his help.if not i think i will take the whole day just to take out 1 tooth.hoho.

i was acting cool.-_-

i was hoping the tooth will come out like magic.
actually i was very afraid. i do not want my patient knows that this is my first time doing extraction on her. i want her to be confident with me.

i selawat so many times, hoping that everything goes well,and alhamdulillah everything end up very well.  it is a good experience and of course there's a lot more to come, and rainbow will not always turn up.

zillion thanksssss to my friends who give support and i know some of you read my blog.muahahaha.
i really appreciate it babeh!.
n i meant what i said..eh,not what i said la,but what i wrote here.

yay!i did it!.


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