December 8, 2012



lets begin with a proper post.

heh.. tak ade ape nak tulis except aku busy . yeah, busy fikir pasal patient, pasal cases yg belambak tak siap, busy fikir how im gonna finish, busy nak curi masa untuk tidur, busy nak curi masa tengok cter korea, busy nak kemas bilik, busy nak cuci toliet, busy nak sibuk2 baca blog orang, and yet busy even to update my own blog.. erghhh..


this word  is haunting me.

and yet time is very much jealous of me.

its like weekend and the very next day u open your eyes, its already monday.. whaaat?

and after all this BUSY-ness, someone told me that i should be prepared. heh. prepare for what??

for the exam?


i am busy eventho my pt cancelled the appointment.

and my same old and lame answer,

im not ready. and yet im too busy.

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