December 17, 2012

klinik pergigian wilayah


well recently i have a mood to write. hehe. i wonder why.but nevertheless, just want to promote about mahsa dental clinic in wilayah complex. hehe.

do come over to get dental treatment~
i've been posting to this clinic in alternate week. means, 1 week i am posted here and the next week in pusat bandar clinic and the following week back to wilayah.

been in wilayah clinic is quite challenging as most of the patients are quite educated. one of my patient in wilayah is giving me so much trouble and she really concern about the radiation stuffs, afraid of the toxicity of LA when i need to give another shots of LA,  demanding good treatment and i have to fit in with her schedule, *sigh*.

and plus her sis in law is dentist. no wonder she asked me a lot of questions. and me being a poor -to -be -dentist has to answer all the questions~@_@

but still i love wilayah clinic. hehe.

another bonus point for wilayah clinic is that it is situated near sogo and masjid india. and me love this!

first day in wilayah clinic
but the drawback is the Dr S is a nitemare. he likes to ask a lot of questions! huh.

and me again, being a rich-to-be-dentist has to answer all the questions even tho sometimes i look stupid whenever i dont know the answer. *sigh again*

so for the people out there do come here to get dental treatment and dont be afraid. students are good in a sense that they want high marks for their case and the doctors are around whenever we treat patient. dont be scared with this rich-to-be-dentist. muahahaha:P

till then, have a nice day people!

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