June 14, 2011

what a day!

i dont know what to say bout today.

okay,im actually just came back from HKL. today case is kidney stone. and i got the feeling that im the one who will be presenting the case.sigh. and to make thing worst, our supervisor is Mr.Zainal.

not to say that he is strict or what,but maybe because of his aura,i dont have the gut to present!

and my english all tunggang terbalik and same goes to my presentation.haaaaih.

but lucky that william helps me a lot. i know i didn't do well even others said that my presentation is okay,but  hey you know yourself rite. maybe they just want to calm or comfort me so that i didn't feel that bad.huhuhu.

hehe,and the best part is Mr.Zainal always called william as my manager coz william helps when im lost.ngeh2.
even when he comment bout my case presentation he said everything is okay except for the findings at the clinic.but he blame william for that.for not being a good manager.not me.HAHA.

thanks a lot buddy!
but i still feel bad that i didn't do well.and it's embarrassing okay.


p/s: william said that patient looks holy.HAHA.


  1. prosto!!!mesti pakar bab ni..hahaha...

  2. gile menyampaaaaah buat prostho!!!

  3. tulah...sangat leceh kan...sabor jelah...ni bt immediate denture ka???

  4. serius leceh...nope..actually ni baru buat on each other.baru nak test dekt membe dulu.tu pun seksa kot rasenye nak dpt impression yg betol2 ok..haiyaaa!dekat patient be;u buat lagi..awk dah year bpe?