July 28, 2011

when it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

sometimes you need to be in dark to see the stars.
shining stars.*google pic*
when you are in pain, you can see who your real friends, hug you just to make sure you're okay even  though hug can't even relieve your pain,the one that say:

" i am your friend, i'll be your side, don't worry, everything will be fine"

even that "words" sometimes does not promise anything but sure it helps. it shows that they care about you, shows you  "hey,i am your true friend, not to worry too much ok. i'm here. with you."

thank you my friends.

seriuosly..thank you. sob sob sob.


but some friends just don't care enough. maybe i also don't care enough about them. right?
it's always what you give you get back.

and Allah is always by my side.

dont worry.be happy.

life is not just black and white.it needs to be paint with colors to form the rainbows.

rainbows.*google pic*
i can see my shining stars now.

they really beautiful.

thank you Allah.

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