September 21, 2011

my best friends's wedding.

last weekend, on 17th September 2011, was a big day, a memorable day for my best friends, 'izzati zahidah and zaffeera zahidan.

i was quite sad.i attended izzati's akad and nikah on friday night and seriously deep in my heart, i feel like i will never meet her again.HAHAHA.paranoid.

izzati is one of my very close friends.i have known her since i was form 1 and even after PMR we went to the same MRSM. actually she was in MRSM Kuantan for 1 semester and  only the next semester she transferred to my MRSM. and we were roommate in MRSM.hhuhu. 

i felt very lucky that i known her.sob sob sob.izzati kalau awk baca ni,mesti awak terharu kan??hehehe.

i learnt a lot from her.and i can say that she helped me a lot during my SPM until i got a good result.huhuhu..thankss zati.*walaupun awak tak baca*

semoga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat~
'izzati zahidah and zul.
zaffeera zahidan and nizam shah
then i went to another wedding, also my best friend, zaffeera zahidan. i know her since form 1,but after PMR while she stay at SMKTT, we do keep in touch.  now, she has work at AADK, she is a good listener, she always by my side whenever i need her.

and we have go through everything together, ups and downs, and i shared a lot with her. :')

thankss zaff!

from top left: budin,helmi, zafirin, lalang,fazeri, kam
from bottom left: lyn, zahara, saye :'), rakna.
okay, those girls are still single.anyone interesed, let me know kay??HAHAHAHA.*joking*
gila, nak jual member ke ape??

p/s: my turn??20..??

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