March 10, 2013

another fairy tale story.. but not mine


whoaaaa. lama betul tak update blog. macam biasa lah. BUSY.

tak busy pun aku busy nak ganti tidur yang tak cukup. hehehe.

so random post but so many things happened.

just nak abadikan dekat dalam blog, fikah dah kawen! i am happy, but deep inside i felt quite sad, y?

simply because i lost my friend. and she is my BFF okay??

its not really i lost her, but then things are not the same. she's married now, and her focus of course more towards azmi and her married life. tak kan tiba-tiba aku datang and ajak keluar dari pagi sampai malam kan?

but still im happy for her! congrates babe!
my gorgeous BFF on her wedding day.

so lepas ni sape nak teman aku hang out ni??

babe jgn kawen lg, do wait for me to hv bf 1st then only u kawen ok?

hahaha.. poor her.tunggu aku ok?

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