May 6, 2011

enjoy ur life as u can!

i am third year dental student.
yeah,my life is full with stress everyday.
my class start either at 8am or 9 pm everyday and end at 5pm.
sometimes i have to stay back till 7pm to finish up my work.
im not enjoying my work.

only 1 hour break from 1pm-2pm.
im tireeed!
and hate it!
when it comes to assignment,presentation,tutorial,log book, hospital posting,
waiting for the stupid bus, probs in clinic,probs with lecturers and etc
all speed up my stress level to the max!

but there's no turning back.
and i will not turn back.

this is my future,my life.
and i know someday i will love my job.
yeah,im postitive now.


and i will not let my status as a dental student ruin my teenager life! i still consider as a teenager?

i guess i am.

A cutie teen.


but how im going to enjoy my life??
if everyday im just sit quietly in my lovely room?
watching korean drama, then online fb,chatting with the same person,
then when im boring i start to blogwalking.
when boring cant bearable anymore, i sleep.

what a lovely way to enjoy your life.
im thinking of other ways to enjoy my life.

and of course shopping is not a new way oke.

till now, arios!!



  1. welcome to the dental student's world~
    damn tired, damn stressful, juz bear wif it. coz, yeah, once u've started ur work life, it'll gonna be much better. well, i believe so, senior cakap la.. and bear in mind "5 tahun jek seksa, keje dan ok, medical co-league is the other way round" but, at the same time, enjoy! and yeah, shopping does release the tension. makin naik tahun, makin teruk my shopaholic habit. haha. JPA shud consider in giving us more~ ;P
    sori, terpanjang lah plak komen. heee

  2. hahaha..i hope sooo~cepat la grad!
    hehe,shopping is the best drug.tapi pokai la kalau selalu least you dpt just MARA. MARA naik la elaunnn!hehehe.
    heh,yeah tengok medicAL student tak pack sgt.i mean dr segi theory memg bnyk diorg nak study,super banyak,tapi nak compare dengan kite,dgn theory+nak kejar schedule lagi.huhu.
    hehe..heyp,btw nice to know you:)