September 22, 2012

but i am not a primadonna girl

i barely have time to listen to radio nowadays as my life is so hectic.

but the thing is, why is it my life is so busy even though i dont have any classes or patients or exams?

the answer is simply because

i'm busy with "the moon that embraces the sun".muahaha. sue me!

i dont want to talk about the moon or the sun. this post is about primadonna girl hokeyh?

i love the song, i dont know whether this song is newly release or hv been some times, cause like i said before, my life is quite hectic with the moon and the sun, and therefore i barely hv to time to listen to radio.

but when i listen to it for the first time, i like it! i like  the music, i love the lyrics, and she sounds very similar like katy perry!

tell you, i AM a big fan of katy perry!hehe. so sorry for marina and the diamonds coz i dont really like your song but because ur voice resemble katy, i think that is why i fall in love with this song in the first place. :)

so, enjoy the song peeps!

but i am not a primadonna girl, i am just an ordinary girl.

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